Remembrance of things past, sigh the lack of many a thing sought, wail my dear time’s waste sessions of sweet silent thought in two hundred forty one minutes

OE Ælfric Catholic Homilies: 2nd Ser. (Cambr. Gg.3.28) xx. 194 Hit is awriten be ðam yfelum timan. OE Anglo-Saxon Chron. (Laud) (Peterborough interpolation) anno 654 On his time þa comon togadere heo & Oswiu Oswaldes broðor cyningas. OE Laws of Edgar (Nero E.i) iv. ii. 208 Mine þegnas hæbben heora scipe on minum timan, swa hy hæfdon on mines fæder. OE tr. Defensor Liber Scintillarum (1969) ix. 96 Multi enim se credebant longo tempore uiuere : soðlice hi gelyfdon lange timan lybban. OE Wulfstan Last Days (Hatton) 134 Wa ðam wifum þe þonne tymað & on þam earmlican timan heora cild fedað. 1160 Anglo-Saxon Chron. (Laud) (Peterborough contin.) anno 1137 Nu we willen sægen sumdel wat belamp on Stephnes kinges time.

To describe it, À la recherche du temps perdu is an album I released in two thousand twenty one. Six lp records, twelve sides each about twenty minutes.

Total run time two hundred forty one minutes. The album is based around the novels by Proust, Valentin Louis Georges Eugène Marcel Proust, and is predicated on a few threads … The music of the novels, the music Proust (an avid music collector) had in his head and in his collection, the anthems of the Faubourg Saint-Germain. What music one might hear getting lost in Paris of the Belle Époque? The content includes twenty six composers and a Dixieland jazz band: Bartók, Bellini, Berg, Brahms, Caccini, Chausson, Chopin, Debussy, Delibes, Donizetti, Franck, Hahn, Jungmann, Louisiana Five, Lully, Ravel, Saint-Saëns, Satie, Schoenberg, Schubert, Schumann, Scriabin, Strauss, Tchaikovsky, Verdi, Wagner and Weber.

The primary impetus for the album came from my truck.

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Harold Budd


When I think about Harold Budd several different thoughts and images come to mind, one is an old alternate definition of ‘wine’ … Old English wine = Old Frisian winne, Middle Low German wine, Old Saxon, Old High German wini (Middle High German wine, win), Old Norse vinr. … a friend.

OE Beowulf 30 Þenden wordum weold wine Scyldinga. 1122 Anglo-Saxon Chron. (Laud) ann. 975 Eadgar..West-Seaxena wine. 1200 Moral Ode (Trin. Coll. MS.) 223 Werse he doð his gode wines þan his fiendes. 1220 Bestiary 374 Eurilc luuen oðer, Also he were his broder, Wurðen stedefast his wine. 1481 W. Caxton tr. Hist. Reynard Fox (1970) 70 He hath nether kyn ne wyn ne frende that wylle entreprise to helpe hym.

I was introduced to Harold by David Sylvian. David had sent me a letter (handwritten, charming), an invitation to release an album on Samadhisound. While we were working on it, he ask me to make a coda for Avalon Sutra as album was running short … the source recordings arrived as a box of blackface ADAT tapes. I took little bits here and there into a very slowly unwinding ostinato. The intention was for it to be ten or so minutes, but I wanted David to get his hand in so I made a seventy minute version and told David to cut it where and how he wanted … he used the whole long track as a second disc.

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Carefully questions unraveled in their answers
upon polite observation, dipping and drawing
untempered charms and it will not love me
any more if I thought your speech charming,
did I not know you till I will unsay
the spell that holds me there…
how odde soever your braines be
or your wisedomes make your heart
is filled with tears, and she said
“you must do exactly as I tell you.”

scratched across and walks away, with that she
carefully washed all darkly translucent in their
wavering shadows, clings and clinging,
neuer giues to truth and vertue
that which simpleness and merit purchaseth,
and lay ages drop unto it as were rain.

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Dialogue Heresyes i, in Wks. 141/2 In the interpretacion we may paraduenture styck, Is it not so? That is some Satire keene and criticall.

The sense of display is abolished. The objects are inorganic and dateless: milky long-necked bottles and squat flasks, a biscuit tin, a fluted bowl, some long-beaked metal pitchers. They carry no marks, patterns or brand names. One thinks of them not as manufactured objects but as elements in a hesitantly ideal architectural scheme. Sometimes the slender bottle necks, leaning together, vaguely recall the towers of Bologna or San Gimignano. They look fragile and contingent, but they endure for decades, through picture after picture. (To make quite sure that nothing disturbed the precise relationships he put them in, he drew chalk circles around the the bases of his “models” on the surface of the table.) Occasionally their groups, bound together by some mutual gravitation of shape, might remind one of people insecurely huddled on the edge of a small flat earth, the tabletop.

1709 J. Addison Tatler No. 108. ⁋3 They give mean Interpretations and base Motives to the worthiest Actions. 1526 Bible (Tyndale) 1 Cor. xii. 10 To won is geven the vtteraunce off wisdom..To another the interpretacion off tonges. 1387 J. Trevisa tr. R. Higden Polychron. (Rolls) VII. 153 Ȝe auȝt for to soften þe opiniouns of fonde men wiþ better interpretacioun. 1450 Mirour Saluacioun 1027 After of this dreme herd he swilk interpretacionne. 1733 G. Cheyne Eng. Malady ii. viii. 203 And so the Fever terminates in a critical Abscess. 1807 Monthly Mirror Nov. 374 Mr. Elmsly is about to publish a new critical edition of Sophocles, with a text collated from the best manuscripts and printed editions. 1753 J. Lining Let. 14 Dec. in Ess. & Observ. (Philos. Soc. Edinb.) II. 372 That fever, which continues two or three days, and terminates without any critical discharge by sweat, urine, stool, &c. 1601 P. Holland tr. Pliny Hist. World I. xvii. ii. 500 The foure decretorie or criticall daies, that give the dome of olive trees, either to good or bad. 1382 Bible (Wycliffite, E.V.) Josh. Prol. If the oold oonliche interpretacioun plese to hem. 1871 J. C. Maxwell Theory of Heat vi. 124 M. Cagniard de la Tour estimated the temperature and pressure of the critical state. 1646 Sir T. Browne Pseudodoxia Epidemica vi. i. 279 Whatsoever Interpretations there have beene since, have been especially effected with reference unto..the Greeke and Hebrew text. 1447 O. Bokenham Lyvys Seyntys 44 Aftyr the reulys of interpretacyon Anne is as myche to seyn as grace. 1872 J. P. Mahaffy tr. I. Kant Prolegomena in Kant’s Crit. Philos. III. 62 I now retract it [sc. the word ‘transcendental’], and desire this idealism of mine to be called critical. 1654 R. Whitlock Ζωοτομία 186 He is not Criticall and exact in Garbes and Fashions. 1565 W. Alley Πτωχομυσεῖον To Rdr. f. 16v If these simple Prelections chaunce peraduenture to come into the handes of some scrupulous and captious criticall reader..let him know that it is a great deale more easie to carpe other mens doinges, then to giue better of his owne. 1841 J. R. Young Math Diss. Pref. 7 Even in the extreme and critical case of the problem. 1850 Morning Chron. 25 Dec. 7/4 His opinions..have weight; and we doubt not will be duly estimated by the critical and the judicious. 1719 W. L. Coll. Tunes Ded. sig. A2v/1 It has been the Fate of better Performances than this, to pass under the severe Censures of the Critical. 1909 Trans. Illuminating Engin. Soc. (U.S.) 4 717 f is the critical flicker frequency. 1899 T. O’C. Sloane Liquid Air i. 20 When a gas is at the critical temperature and at the critical pressure also, the least increase of pressure or decrease of temperature will convert it into a liquid. When in this condition, ready to be a gas or a liquid, it is said to be in the critical state. 1881 J. Russell Haigs of Bemersyde Introd. 3 It was not in his nature to be either critical or indifferent. 1605 F. Bacon Of Aduancem. Learning ii. f. 69 There remayn two Appendices touching the tradition of knowledge, The one Criticall, The other Pedanticall. 1867 E. A. Freeman Hist. Norman Conquest I. App. 617 He shows a good deal of critical acumen. 1931 Rev. Mod. Physics 3 347 Bohr’s theory was so quickly supported by the experiments on critical potentials. 1866 G. MacDonald Ann. Quiet Neighb. xi. 191 Perhaps I may have put a wrong interpretation on the passage. 1701 C. Cibber Love makes Man v. 53 Well, Madam, you see I’m punctual..I’m always critical—to a Minute. 1877 M. Oliphant Makers of Florence (ed. 2) x. 257 Things he had done which no charitable interpretation could explain away. 1869 T. H. Huxley in Sci. Opinion 21 Apr. 464/2 The knowledge..requisite for the just interpretation of geological phenomena. 1617 S. Collins Epphata to F. T. i. 5 Wil you blame me as too criticall for distinguishing betweene gerere and gestare? 1890 Church Rev. July 276 In company with most critical commentators on books of the New Testament, Bishop Ellicott has one fault. 1741 C. Middleton Hist. Life Cicero II. viii. 237 Cæsar was conversant also with the most abstruse and critical parts of learning.

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Radio Levania, émettre dans l’espace de la désidération

Chers passagers, nous vous invitons maintenant à rejoindre le complexe du rez-de-chaussée, où à vous installer à l’étage – la mutation va bientôt commencer. Pour le bon déroulé de cette séquence nous vous engageons à trouver un endroit confortable et à svous asseoir pour écouter dans les meilleures conditions.

« Les grandes personnes sont décidément bien bizarres », se dit-il simplement en lui-même durant son voyage.

Vous qui entrez, n’abandonnez pas tout espoir, ni toute mélancolie
Entrez dans l’espace de la désidération
Entrez dans ce lieu où diagnostiquer le vertige de la perte des étoiles
Quand l’émerveillement pour le cosmos se retourne en mélancolie
Nous faisant sentir tout ce qui est perdu
Quand le plaisir renouvelé des choses spatiales dit aussi la tristesse, et l’abandon
Et la volonté de retrouver quelque chose d’indistinctement cosmique
Et de goûter la douceur et l’amertume du miel laiteux des étoiles
Voilà la désidération qui s’étoile bientôt en affect, en syndrome, en pensée, en fiction, en recherches spatiales, endocosmologiques, tous azimuts

Entrez dans ce lieu fait aussi pour appréhender une voie qui mène à un état autre
Un lieu pour réinventer l’espoir et la mélancolie,
Un lieu pour transitionner, avec les étoiles, les humains, les mondes,
Un lieu pour appréhender l’affect de la désidération, et muter avec lui
Un lieu pour initier cette découverte et cette transmutation
Un lieu pour appréhender l’avenir
Un lieu pour découvrir
Une onde
Un chemin
Des voix dans le cosmos

Un lieu pour voir, un lieu pour écouter, un lieu pour dormir, un lieu pour rêver
Avec l’aide de la cellule Cosmiel
Avec la voix de Radio Levania

Vous qui entrez, n’abandonnez pas tout espoir, ni toute mélancolie.

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