1503 tr. Kalendayr Shyppars sig. i ii They the qwych dwellys
other placys bot wnder the eqwynoxyal they haue thayr oryzon oblyk.
1550 Complaynt Scotl. (1979) vi. 39 There is tua sortis of orizons
ane is callit the rycht orizon the tothir is callit the oblique orizone.
1594 T. Blundeville Exercises ii. f. 55v When is it said
to be an oblique Horizon, and thereby to make an oblique Spheare?
1625 N. Carpenter Geogr. Delineated i. v.
106 Euery oblique Horizon..will diuide the Equatour..
into two equal hemicircles.
1669 J. Worlidge Systema Agriculturæ xiii.
250 In such Countreys, where the seasons and variations
of weather, more exactly followed the Cælestial configurations,
than in these more oblique Climats.
1715 tr. D. Gregory Elements Astron. I. ii. §6.
221 For either the Horizon of the Place is right
to the Equator,..or it is oblique.
1794 R. J. Sulivan View of Nature II.
456 The sun,..whose oblique course is not
unaptly represented by the wreathings of a snake.
1854 L. Tomlinson tr. D. F. J. Arago Pop. Lect. Astron.
37 The circles described by the stars are
inclined to the horizon; whence this position
of the sphere derives its name of oblique.
1926 H. N. Russell et al. Astron. I. i. 23
At any station between the poles and the equator
the pole will be elevated above the horizon,
and the stars will rise and
set in oblique circles.