Music ( គ្រឿងសង្ហារឹមទាន់សម័យ )

Por qué los árboles esconden el esplendor de sus raíces?






À la recherche du temps perdu

But the notes themselves have vanished before these sensations have developed sufficiently to escape submersion under those which the following, or even simultaneous notes have already begun to awaken in us. And this indefinite perception would continue to smother in its molten liquidity the motifs which now and then emerge, barely discernible, to plunge again and disappear and drown; recognised only by the particular kind of pleasure which they instil, impossible to describe, to recollect, to name; ineffable;–if our memory, like a labourer who toils at the laying down of firm foundations beneath the tumult of the waves, did not, by fashioning for us facsimiles of those fugitive phrases, enable us to compare and to contrast them with those that follow.

À la recherche du temps perdu


Forms: 1 lufu, (lufo), 2–4 luve, 3 lou, 4, 6 loove, 5 louf, loof, 4–5 lof, lofe, 5 luf, lufue, (Sc. 4–6 luf(e, luff, 5, 8 luffe, 6 luif(e, 6, 8 luve, 6 luwe, luyf, luiff, lwiff, loif), 3– love. [OE. lufu str. fem. (also declined weak) = OHG. luba:—Teut. type *luƀâ, not found elsewhere, though Goth. has (brôþru-)lubô wk. fem., love, and lubains (stem -aini-) str. fem., hope; f. the weak-grade of the Teut. root *leuƀ-: lauƀ-: luƀ-:—OAryan *leubh-: loubh-: lubh-. Other derivatives of the wk.-grade are OS. lubig loving, and the Com. Teut. *luƀo-m, *loƀo-m lof and its derivative *loƀôjan love v.2; also OHG.

the little glass

your effort to be entirely among sense, distance, from under the most difficult value of this grace, which on each has much depends. the music is action, and anticipation with the room looking-glass in song.

the resonators are very the room, i throw light on in giving a part as meaning and beauty, practical exercises of one’s pure playing, and evenly learn preparatory be taken in correct position; interpreting a consciousness the moment drawing down.

the little glass


time occupied by the same nature in mind, symbolism or a thing, a radiance of observation, synthesis succeed one and makes them of the soul, a dark room also occupied by thinking itself


carefully questions unraveled in their answers upon polite observation, dipping and drawing untempered charms and it will not love me any more if I thought your speech charming, did I not know you till I will unsay the spell that holds me there… how odde soever your braines be or your wisedomes make your heart is filled with tears, and she said “you must do exactly as I tell you.”

scratched across and walks away, with that she carefully washed all darkly translucent in their wavering shadows, clings and clinging, neuer giues to truth and vertue that which simpleness and merit purchaseth, and lay ages drop unto it as were rain.



Hollywood Boulevard
between Betty Grable’s
and Rod Serling’s

August 26th, 2006.

…B​é​n​é​diction, Draw

Pourtant, sous la tutelle invisible d’un Ange,
L’Enfant déshérité s’enivre de soleil,
Et dans tout ce qu’il boit et dans tout ce qu’il mange
Retrouve l’ambroisie et le nectar vermeil.

Il joue avec le vent, cause avec le nuage
Et s’enivre en chantant du chemin de la croix;
Et l’Esprit qui le suit dans son pèlerinage
Pleure de le voir gai comme un oiseau des bois.



…fluttering and
whispering ever dreams,
a little gilt smiling
and nodding
nearly twelve years
of another bed.

This is nothing
flooded with delight
and amazement,

the solemn minuet too,
performed by the hand.