Catherine’s rules for behavior for all entering these doors

  • Leave all ranks outside, likewise hats, and particularly swords.
  • Orders of precedence and haughtiness, or anything however similar, must be left at the door.
  • Be merry, but neither damage nor break anything, nor gnaw on anything.
  • Be seated, stand, walk, as you see fit, regardless of others.
  • Speak with moderation and not too loudly, that those present not have an earache or headache.
  • Argue without anger or passion.
  • Do not sigh or yawn, and do not bore or fatigue anyone.
  • Others should join in any innocent fun that someone thinks up.
  • Eat well, but drink with moderation, that each can always find his legs upon going out the door.
  • Disputes shall not be taken outside the izba† and what goes in one ear should go out the other before one steps through the doors.
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