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Akira Rabelais

Donde encontrar una campana qué scene adentro de tus suenos?


L'Enfant déshérité
s'enivre de soleil
Né dans le Sud du Texas, vivant à Los Angeles, Akira Rabelais est compositeur, concepteur de logiciel et auteur. Son logiciel, l' "Argeïphontes Lyre", permet des manipulations sonores et visuelles à l'aide de morphologies et de bruit déformé. Il présente un grand nombre de filtres tels que: Eviscération Réanimation, Synthèse de Modulation de Fréquence Dynamique, Mutation du Domaine Temporel, Désintégration Morphologique et La Quadrille des Homards. Enfant, il fabrique ses premiers instruments de musique à l'aide de plaques de tir et de fils barbelés utilisés comme clôture de ranch. Akira a étudié la composition, la musique électronique et l'orchestration avec Bill Dixon. Il a obtenu un Master sous la direction de Morton Subotnick et de Tom Erbe au California Institute of the Arts. Selon Rabelais, l'écriture de logiciels peut se comparer à l'écriture de poèmes.
テキサス南部で生まれロサンゼルスに住むアキラ・ラブレーは作曲家でありソフトウエア設計者であり著者です。 ビル・ディクソンに作曲、電子音楽および編曲を学び、カリフォルニア芸術大学では電子音楽のリーダーであるモートン・スボトニックおよびトム・エルベに師事し修士をおさめました。 子どもの頃、彼は農場を囲んでいた有刺鉄線を金属板に打ち付けることによって最初の楽器を作り出しました。その後自身のソフトウエア'Argeïphontes Lyre‘を生み出します。それは主に音や映像を巧みに歪めたりノイズを加えるなどの操作ができる事を特徴とするものです。アキラ・ラブレーは自身のソフトウェアを書くことを詩を書くことになぞらえます、例えば数あるフィルターは形骸化蘇生法、ダイナミックFM音源、時間領域変異、そしてロブスターカドリールなど独特な言葉で綴られているように。 彼の作り出したものは、数学の持つ完璧な美しさと言葉の情緒を以て、私たちを別次元へと誘うのです。

de Babel

祖母 (易經)
Heaven within the mountain points to hidden treasures. In the words and deeds of the past there lies hidden a treasure that men may use to strengthen and elevate their own characters

lejos del odio y de la cólera, desarmado en tu muerte, cruzado por las lianas, inmóvil en la lluvia, centinela implacable de mi amor asesino

The last blackbird lights up his gold wings: farewell. Your eyes close inside your head, in sleep. Already in your dreams the hours begin to sing

If the second finger is straight and well shaped, its owner will be very serious, a little inclined to melancholy

We both of us swore the most solemn oaths that this terrible secret would die with us both...

five rings
Hit with your body, and hit with your spirit, and hit from the Void with your hands, accelerating strongly

The Disquieting Muses
In a quarry of silences. The people of the city heard it. They hunted the stones, taciturn and separate, the mouth-hole crying their locations. Drunk as a foetus I suck at the paps of darkness

Dramatis Personae
Necessaries, which since have steaded much; so, of his gentleness, knowing I lov'd my books, he furnish'd me from mine own library with volumes that I prize above my dukedom

Через 120 дней заканчивается постройка ИНТЕГРАЛА. Близок великий, исторический час, когда первый ИНТЕГРАЛ взовьется в мировое пространство

Circular Ruins
There is no syllable one can speak that is not filled with tenderness and terror, that is not, in one of those languages, the mighty name of a god

L'œil sans yeux
Plus légère que l'atmosphère, puissante et isolée : Perturbation, ma soeur, la femme 100 têtes

Obviously, we were unable to afford anything better than a paper imitation, a montage of illustrations cut out from last year's mouldering newspapers

The Tuba is not often asked to perform feats of technical dexterity, at any rate in the concert-room. However, the very best players have a surprising facility and certainty of technique.

Dulce Domum
that small inquiring something which all animals carry inside them, saying unmistakably, 'Yes, quite right; THIS leads home!

It is of paramount importance that conceptual, simultaneous development-substances must never be allowed to become experimental, or actively complex.

Shameless lies and misconceptions overheard at fashionable parties